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    • Perfect for Indoor Facilities, High Schools and Colleges
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    • Perfect for the travel player, parent, and coach
      • (Little League, USSSA, Backyard)
    • All items fold for easy transportation
      • Travel Bag for Hitting Net included
    • Quick and easy set up for batting practice
  • If you want a screen that does it all then the Ultimate Cage Screen is it! Perfect for underhand or overhand toss while staying protected with its hood.

    Made in the USA!

    Padding Colors:  Black, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Green, Maroon, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow

    Call to order this product:  515-238-3776

  • This L-Screen is oversized for maximum protection!  With heavy wall aluminum (or steel) construction, it is great for your indoor or outdoor team practices at the high school, college, and pro level.  The slip-over pillow case nylon net is easy to install.  With 10" no flat tires, the L-Screen is very easy transporting from storage to on field activities!  
  • The Professional Base / Fungo screens are larger in size to accommodate collegiate and professional players.  Frame and wheel assemblies are welded for durability.  Netting is fabricated in pillow case style that slip over frames.  Lacing is only required at the bottom to close the net.  Wheel Kit included.  10' x 10' and 8' x 8' sizes available.  
  • Pro Mini L-Screen

    From: $119.99
    Your team will be able to hold batting practice anytime they desire with this Mini L Screen.  This is the perfect solution for on field BP.  5W x 7'H unit is made of heavy-wall, schedule-40 aluminum tubing.  Includes 3mm pillowcase-style weather-treated net.  Transports easily on 10" diameter x 4" thick no-flat tires.  Free padding on "throwing zone" for additional safety.

  • This 8' x 8' screen will protect your players during on field batting practice.  Easy slip on (pillow case) style net is 2.5MM twisted knotted polyethylene is made to last!  Optional wheel kit has 6" poly wheels with steel brackets.
  • Collegiate Pitchers Protector keeps your pitcher safer during batting practice. The protector gets between the pitcher and the hitters.  Works for both right- and left-handed pitchers.  Protector is  7'H x 7'W with a cutout is of 3½' x 3½'.  The frame is covered with weather-proof, heavy-duty 2.5mm twisted and knotted polyethylene slip-on (pillowcase) netting. The detachable legs make the Collegiate Pitchers Protector easy to store.  Optional wheel kit comes with 6" poly wheels and steel brackets.  
  • This Softball Pitchers Protector is a must have for your practice.  You can throw from either side, right or left.  The net is 2.5MM twisted knotted polyethylene slip-on pillow case style net which slides easily over the frame.  Optional wheel kit comes with 6" poly wheels and steel brackets.  
  • The Collegiate Sock Net with Frame is made for both pitching and batting drills.  Your team will get the chance to enhance their skills with this 7'H x7"W protective screen featuring a 42" sq. sock. The more practice players receive, the more their muscle memory and technique improve their performance.  Set up the Collegiate Sock Net with Frame and start pitching and swinging!  Optional Wheel Kit comes with 6" poly wheels and steel brackets.  
  • Perfect hitting / pitching net for the player, parent or coach that is always on the go!  Frame folds for quick and easy assembly.