Field Drags

//Field Drags
  • 6'6" x 4'L Heavy Duty Drag with 3/8" x .050 galvanized steel mesh.  Includes heavy duty angle iron across front of mat and a heavy duty chain for tractor pulling.
  • The All-Steel Drag Mat is the workhorse that keeps your playing field looking its best. With just a swoop, the surface is refined by thousands of tiny mesh squares and crevices.  Mesh material is 3/8" x .050 galvanized steel.  Comes complete with a drag bar and rope.  Maintain your infield so it looks as pristine as the pros' with help from the All-Steel Drag Mat.  
  • Provides the smoothest and most manicured scarification available.  Uniformly blend conditioners into your infield clay.  The best drag for breaking up hard compacted surfaces.  Helps dry out moist infield clays.  Super HD fully welded box frame constructed of structural and angle steel with a powder-coat finish.  Retaining plates secure spikes.  Spike replacement is quick and easy.
  • Cocoa Mat Drags

    From: $129.95
    The secret weapon for professional groundskeepers!  Natural cocoa fibers "float" across the surface producing a beautiful finish with minimal movement and build up of your infield mix.  Unlike steel drags, cocoa mats drastically reduce the accumulation of dirt when you're finished.  Flip the drag over and use the solid steel twin bladed cutting edge for shaving off high spots and filling in the low.  Also great on turf to break up core aeration plugs and smooth in top dressing materials.
  • Extra HD rollers designed to meet the demands of golf course professionals and sports turf managers.  Ideal for compacting soil after construction, leveling turf areas, firming up infields and packing down new sod. An optional aerator attachment is available for the 18" x 24" roller.